Sports Finger Roll
Bánh Mì Cuộn Sportfinger


Giá: 29,000₫

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Weight: 68g

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Giao hàng

WHEAT FLOUR, water, WHOLE WHEAT MEAL pumpkin seeds (2.4%), sunflower seeds (1.8%), flax seeds (3.1%), sesame seeds (3.1%), yeast, non-iodised table salt, BAKING AGENT (MALT FLOUR (WHEAT, BARLEY)), sugar.
Nutritional Values per 100 g
Energy value: 1190kj, 297kCal - Fat of which saturates: 7.9 g, 1.1 g - Carbohydrate of which sugars: 44 g, 1.6 g - Fibre: 4.7 g - Protein: 11 g - Salt: 1.7 g
Allergens & Traces of Allergens
Contains: Cereals containing gluten and derived products, sesame seeds and derived products, Edible nuts and derived products.
May contain traces of: soya, milk, egg